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Workshop Facilitator: Marcus L. Miller

Workshop Facilitator: Marcus L. Miller

Experience:  Marcus Miller has facilitated drum circles and workshops for over 20 years in Southern California. Miller uses the drum to help others connect with their inner drummer. Marcus' programs are designed for all ages. He has worked with numerous organizations, including the Los Angeles Public library system, to provide percussion based enrichment programs for youth, adults, and seniors. Between 2010-2015, Miller developed his program for seniors by conducting drum circles at the Silvercrest senior residence in Santa Monica, CA.

History of the drum: The drum has been used for thousands of centuries by various cultures including the African, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and European cultures. Generally the drum is used to accompany dance and assist in worship or meditation. Aside from being used to entertain, the drum has also been used for militaristic purposes as well as to promote healing and well-being. Drumming is the oldest form of communication known to man. 

Marcus with seniors at Silvercrest senior residence Santa Monica, CA

Benefits of Seniors Drumming:

Decreased anxiety and depression.

Improved joint mobility and posture.

An improvement in language ability.

Increased energy.

Improved immunity.

Having fun, and being in the moment.

Making new social connections.

Physical Effects of Drumming:

Great Workout: (The Mind)

Drumming is a great workout for the brain. Extensive research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain actually synchronizes the left and right hemispheres. During the drumming process, the entire brain is accessed.

Less Stress: (The Body)

 Many studies show that drumming can help relieve stress, lower blood pressure and strengthen the immune systems of those who play. Extended periods of drumming release endorphins and enkephalins, neurotransmitters that act as natural painkillers and mood enhancers. The physical exercise of playing the drum is extremely beneficial, especially to the upper body.

Positive Vibration: (The Soul)

Drumming allows one to tap into the Rhythm of Life...the heartbeat. As the drum is played, its vibrations are felt throughout the body and depending on the type of rhythm, one can even feel the effect in the chakras regions. An inspirational drumming session has the ability to uplift and restore the spirit.


Drum workshops provide an opportunity for great social interaction.

  • Drumming encourages gentle body movements providing beneficial physical exercise.
  • Drumming is hands-on and sensory stimulating. No learning curve. Participants can quickly get involved.
  • Encourages all seniors to participate and engages them within their own comfort level.
  • Special-needs equipment to reduce fatigue and offer low-resistance playing.
  • A drum circle is accessible to all participants at any level of entry.
  • One of the key benefits of drumming, especially for seniors, is the mental discipline involved.

 There are many benefits to creating music in a group, and it is widely accepted by teachers, youth workers, music therapists, and health practitioners as being an effective way to encourage life skills and develop confidence and self-esteem. Recent studies show that activities such as ensemble drumming diminish the effects of senile dementia, and may even prevent the onset of such disorders. As a Remo endorsement artist, Marcus brings a variety of Remo percussion instruments, including paddle drums and small hand drums, to help create many different sounds for the group.  By challenging participants to learn and play new rhythms, Miller is helping to create new pathways for neuro-muscular function. Some of the participants have reported improvement in their overall general health, coordination, walking, speaking, sleeping, and thought process.  Many have also experienced a boost in self-esteem and confidence.

A drum circle program for seniors at all functioning levels.

Results Matter: Seniors are greatly effected as they feel the vibrations of the music. They smile and laugh, hands open and close, memories return, and they often start singing and dancing. Not only is drumming fun, but it improves circulation in the hands and body, loosens stiff joints in the shoulders, arms and wrists, and stimulates the mind.

Tap into the rhythm of life…Pick up a drum and have some fun!

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