Fan Page

Very catchy tunes...enjoying your smooth sound & style. Great hooks and memorable melodies makes for a pleasurable listening experience!
— Kenny S. (2019)

Wow! Loved it!
— Karen D. (2016)

Best camp ever!
— Nikia B. (2017)

Wow! I learned so much...
— Chris H. (2018)

You are something else!
— Dexter S. (2018)

Thanks for the great music!
— Rock of Ages (2018)

Nice textures....
— West Coast Fletch (2018)

Amazing musicianship here.
— Chapa (2018)

— William S. Tribell (2018)

Hello from London...
Love your playing.
— Suzanne C. (2018)

Love your playing! Greetings from Germany. :-)
— Susa (2018)

Great groove to African Swing!
— Andrew A. (2018)

Outstanding meeting of musical sound colors and creativity...Great passion and musicianship!
— John R. (2018)

Good stuff!
— Winifred H. (2018)

Outstanding! Keep it coming.
— Gin Wheel (2018)

Ah…the original and best kind of drum machine, and one of a kind, at that.
— Paul G. (2019)

At first, I was just dancing, then I noticed Marcus’ shadow and danced with that, then I noticed the person behind the screen and danced with them, then I stood still with my mouth hanging open in an awesome beat-trance and understood why all the people who were watching were not also dancing.  Then I remembered that Marcus has had that hat for a few decades and that I have seen that hat while dancing before.  It’s always good when the hat comes out.  Thanks Marcus.
— Paul G. (2019)