M & M...the Afro-Persian Experience

Musicians Marcus Miller & Mehdi Bagheri have joined forces to create a new sound in World music.  Together, the duo plays original music meant to touch the soul and move the feet.

Musicians:  Marcus Miller & Mehdi Bagheri - M & M...the Afro-Persian Experience


Label: Universe Soul Records

Management: Seeking

Booking: Seeking

Genre: World



M & M…the Afro-Persian Experience is a duo featuring Persian kamancheh master Mehdi Bagheri and artist/percussionist Marcus Miller. Based in Southern California, the group was formed in January 2016. Together, they are developing a new sound and musical experience in this cross-cultural exploration.

The music consists of all original compositions created by Bagheri & Miller. It is deeply rooted in the traditions of ancient Persia and Africa. Their unique sound results from the natural contrast of their individual musical styles and the blend of tones produced by their instruments.

The nature of the music is meditative. The melodies are carried by Bagheri’s kamancheh, while Miller’s rhythmic pulse provides a counter melody and a touch of harmony. The goal is to meditate musically. Each song is an expression of the passion they share for the music.

In the short time of their formation, the group has recorded a debut CD slated for release in 2018 and licensed music for the independent film “My Critic”. In November 2017, the duo conducted their first public performance at First Congregational UCC in San Bernardino, CA.


NIA (Purpose):

"Our project has special significance because it brings together two uniquely different cultural traditions and shows that no matter how different we may appear on the outside, at the core we are still basically the same…human beings. This speaks to some of the bigger issues that we face daily in the world. Music has the power to heal and unite. We feel that our music is both uplifting and filled with the intangible quality of spirit. As instrumentalists, we have both mastered our crafts and are able to convey, without words, a feeling that is not always found in much of today's contemporary music."









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