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As a sophomore in college, Miller stumbled into the Journalism School one day, and decided to stay for a while. Despite being a History major, Marcus connected with Communications and developed a new found passion and interest. He learned all aspects of television production and eventually became the producer and director for most of the programs that aired on his school's local cable station. This lead to Marcus earning an internship at WTKR-TV3 in Norfolk, Virginia in1990.

Years later, Miller has found his way back to the world of audio/video. Through the medium of video, Marcus is able to tell stories and share his perspective on a myriad of diverse topics. The documentary process also provides Miller the opportunity to combine his various skill sets as a writer, musician, & director together in a productive, creative setting.

Miller is in the process of working on a series of short P.O.V. and photographic documentaries that will focus on such topics as land, people, history, dance, and music. He has developed a series of podcasts that he calls Docupods. Check it out!  Some are mini documentaries in themselves.

About The Docs...

Kemetology is the study (or story) of the original, first civilization of people who inhabited the earth and it's generations of descendants. The Kemetic peoples (4236 B.C.E.) predated the Egyptians civilization (3500 B.C.E.) by over 700 years. Proof of their existence was left in stone carvings and sculptures throughout various parts of the world. We are the living proof of their existence in our genetic makeup. This is who we are and what we do!

Kemetology... a retropective in Black Culture
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Kemetology is a mini documentary by artist/percussionist Marcus L. Miller. This is the first installment in an upcoming series of documentary releases.

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Just released!

This Land takes a P.O.V. geographic look at the place referred to as the land of liberty. Before a recent cross country trip on Rte 66, Miller decided to document the journey and present a pictorial view of what some of North America may have looked like 500+ years ago. This is partly what attracted the early explorers... America is beautiful, but over time, we've run it down and destroyed a lot of its natural beauty. Exchanging forests & farmland, for factories and facilities, for the sake of progress, greed, and ambition. Once gone, it takes a long time to get it back.

This Land... a P.O.V. mini documentary
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This Land... a P.O.V. mini documentary
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A mini documentary that takes a look, from a geographical P.O.V., at the continental U.S.A. Written, produced, directed, & scored by Marcus L. Miller.

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