Summer Drum Camp-LA 2017...A recap!

The inaugural Summer Drum Camp -LA 2017 concluded with a bang!  The campers rose to the musical challenges presented to them throughout the week and showed even more than we ever could have expected or even imagined. Cheers to the young percussionists of Los Angeles who will be the musicians of the very near future.

The "campercussionists"  ended the week with a final jam session. In a room full of percussion instruments, 20 young percussionists were set free to explore rhythms and sound. The vibration was strong and positive!

The campers percussive experience was highlighted by a very special guest,  Many thanks to Chris Hart of Remo INC. for sharing his knowledge and insight of the vast world of percussion with the youngsters as well as bearing gifts for all. Remo INC. is one of the sponsors of the camp. They provided a portion of drums used during the week.

For those who would like to take part, another session will be offered in 2018, Please sign up and register when the registration period begins,


Camp Photos

Camp Video

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