This Land

This Land

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A mini documentary that takes a look, from a geographical P.O.V., at the continental U.S.A. Written, produced, directed, & scored by Marcus L. Miller.

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This Land...a P.O.V. mini documentary by Marcus L. Miller

This Land takes a geographic look at the place referred to as the land of liberty. Before an upcoming cross country trip on Rte 66, Miller decided to document the journey and present a pictorial view of what some of North America may have looked like 500+ years ago. This is partly what attracted the early explorers... the barbarians who would later come and pillage the land from its native inhabitants and in their wake, destroy 1/5 of the world's population.

America is beautiful, but over time, we've run it down and destroyed a lot of its natural beauty. Exchanging forests & farmland, for factories and facilities, for the sake of progress, greed, and ambition. Disappearing are the palm trees and citrus groves, as developers continue to build more homes and condos. The changes are happening from the inner city to the most rural county. Once gone, it takes a long time to get it back.

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