L.A. drums 4 p.R.

to benefit the people of Puerto Rico


By now, most have heard about the devastation caused by the hurricanes on the island of puerto rico and its horrific aftermath.

Recently artist/percussionist Marcus L. Miller invited fellow Los Angeles based percussionists Angel Figueroa, Leon Mobley, & Jah Amen Mobley (a.k.a. The Mobley Brothers) to play some drums to benefit the people of Puerto Rico. many on the island are still suffering from the recent hurricanes and the chaotic relief efforts.

As many of you know, the drum is a vital part of life in the Puerto Rico. It accompanies many of the dances and is used regularly in religious ceremonies. The vibration of the drum penetrates to the soul and makes one feel alive. When asked, Miller stated, "...that He hopes, our drums will help send a positive vibration, both musically and financially, to our fellow brothers and sisters on the island."

miller thanks everyone who participated in the project and generously donated their time and talents especially all of the guest soloists ( Leon Mobley, Jah Amen Mobley, & Angel Figueroa) and mastering engineer Scott Vance at Sunset Studios in Redlands, CA. These tracks are dedicated to the memory of the late emily copada-cotton.

The session consists of 5 drum interludes. The first section, entitled Da lion's Roar, features Leon Mobley on lead, solo djembe. The second interlude is called Angel's Blessing and features Angel Figueroa on Bata(s). The third selection, entitled Jah's Praise features Jah Amen Mobley on lead, solo djembe. The fourth interlude is called Miller's Motif and features marcus Miller on his one of a kind percussion kit. The final segment is entitled An Inadvertent RhumbA and features both Miller on his percussion kit and figueroa on solo bongo.

The session was recorded and is now available for download. You can purchase the track by clicking on the add to cart tab. you can also make a larger donation by clicking on the donate tab. please scroll down and see below.

your contributions will go to a designated, approved charity in puerto rico. All proceeds will directly benefit the recovery and relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Your help is greatly needed and definitely appreciated. thank you!

* To donate, please click on the "Donate" button. To download the track, simply click on the "Add to cart" button.  From all of us who worked on this project, we sincerely thank you once again for your help. We can all play a part to help.

Photo credit: Sergey Demyanchuk

Photo credit: Sergey Demyanchuk

Artist/percussionist Marcus MIller

(The Afro-Persian Experience, Project World Drum, The Marcus Miller Ensemble, &  Lula Washington Dance Theatre)


Leon Mobley

Percussionist for Ben Harper & the innocent criminals and Da Lion.


Jah Amen Mobley

Director of Amenne Djembe (West-African drum & dance).


angel figueroa

Artistic and Executive Director of Percussion Artists Workshops.