L.A. drums 4 P.R.

L.A. drums 4 P.R.


Universe Soul Records has produced a compilation track featuring percussionists Marcus L. MIller, Leon Mobley, Jah Amen Mobley, & Angel Figueroa drumming to help raise money for the hurricane relief and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Click here to hear this track.

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Universe Soul Records releases Drums for Puerto Rico

Universe Soul Records proudly announces the latest release by artist/percussionist Marcus L. Miller. "L.A. drums for P.R." is a compilation track that features Miller along with Los Angeles based percussionists Leon Mobley, Jah Amen Mobley, and Angel Figueroa. Theses four men share their artistic talents and abilities to help raise both the spirits and some money to aid the hurricane relief and recovery efforts on the island of Puerto Rico.

The track features Leon Mobley as the lead soloist in the first piece entitled Da Lion's Roar. The second interlude, entitled Angel's Blessing, features Angel Figueroa on bata drums, The third piece, Jah's Praises, features Jah Amen Mobley on lead djembe. The fourth interlude, entitled Miller's Motif, features Miller's one of a kind percussion kit. The final selection is called An Inadvertent Rumba and features Miller on his percussion kit and Angel on solo bongos.

This track will be emailed to you. To ensure the highest quality, the digital track is 24 bit/44 Hz and NOT mp3 files. Your ears and system will appreciate the audible difference.