Body Soul & Spirit

Body Soul & Spirit


Body Soul & Spirit is a 2005 Universe Soul Records release by artist/percussionist Marcus L. Miller. This album features Miller's original compositions performed live and in studio. Click here to hear tracks.

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Body, Soul, & Spirit

This is the second release by Universe Soul Records artist Marcus L. Miller. This collection includes recordings of live performances as well as some studio sessions. Most of this music was written to accompany modern dance. One of the selections, Fire, was licensed by 20th Century Fox for the movie Avatar the last Airbender (2011) DVD release.

Musicians featured on the album include Marcus L. Miller - drums,  Bobby Bryant - alto saxophone, Nedra Wheeler -bass, Mark Sims - electric bass, Dre Gibson - keyboards, and Earl Johnson - piano

*The tracks on this album will be uploaded to a flash drive and shipped to you. To ensure the highest quality, the digital tracks are 24 bit/44 Hz and NOT mp3 files. Your ears and system will appreciate the audible difference.