LIVE is a collection of live recordings featuring the Marcus Miller Ensemble.  Miller's original compositions are brought to life by dynamic performances from a group of talented musicians. 2016 Universe Soul Records release. Click here to hear tracks.

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Marcus Miller Ensemble - LIVE!

A live CD collection featuring Universe Soul Records artist Marcus L. Miller and his ensemble. The selections are taken from performances in the U.S, Russia, & Israel between 2014-2016.

Musicians featured include Marcus L. Miller -drums, Bobby Bryant -alto saxophone, Bobby Pierce - piano, Jef Livingston - bass, James Forbes -piano (tracks #1,7), Trevor Ware -bass (tracks #1,7), Greg Brown- vibraphone/marimba (tracks #1,7), Sabine Pothier - piano (trk #6), Edwin Livingston - bass (track #3), Dr. Alphonso White - trumpet (track #4)

The tracks on this album will be uploaded to a flash drive and shipped to you. To ensure the highest quality, the digital tracks are 24 bit/44 Hz and NOT mp3 files. Your ears and system will appreciate the audible difference.